VIET GD is a casual index, archive, and celebration of Vietnamese graphic design.

VIET GD was created as a result of a history of graphic design course taken during my first year in an MFA Graphic Design program. During one of the lectures, we were shown an example of a Vietnamese propaganda poster created during the Vietnam War. Internally, this raised a lot of questions and encouraged me to question my own assumptions about the value of Vietnamese graphic design, my relationship to it as an Asian American, and why Vietnamese art and design is seemingly "underdeveloped" or if that's just bias from having grown up in the United States. Having come across some "casual" archives prior, I became inspired by the idea of starting a Vietnamese graphic design archive.

My motivation for creating this archive so comes from the fact that it's very difficult to find examples of Vietnamese graphic design from before WWII, and I still haven't found many examples. In fact, Google wasn't helpful at all. I had to start at Pinterest to even begin finding examples, and I'm not even sure that these are 100% credible sources. It's even more difficult to find "credible" texts describing Vietnamese graphic design history. Thus, I decided to make a casual archive to make Vietnamese graphic design more accessible.

This index contains links to other "collections" (i.e. a bunch of images) and articles. Please note that I do not speak or write in Vietnamese and often rely on Google Translate. I am also not a historian, so I rely on the web for information, but I welcome any corrections to this archive!